January 27, 2011

 It’s been a while since my last post so I am going to dive right in!!

I was doing so well with organizing and cleaning and then BAM I hit a wall and just stopped. Does that happen to anyone else? The holidays, TV, food, work, crafts, friends, me…. basically everything because more important and I became less committed. Last week we finally took 4 bags, 3 boxes, an old crock pot and 2 stuffed animals to Goodwill which is awesome! We even have another 3 bags almost full ready to go as well but today when I look around the house why don’t I even see a dent in our clutter? Could it possibly be bc we have enough towels to shower 30 people, we have enough bed linens to cover 20 beds, we have enough plates to feed 20 people and that’s not counting our set of fine china! I guess for a bustling household and a growing family who entertains that wouldn’t be so horrible but that’s not us! We are a 3 person household 2 adults and 1 child who live in a 1500 sq ft townhome. We have 2 beds and 1 blow up mattress that is only used on rare occasions, 2 showers and being in only 1500 sq ft split between 2 stories we can entertain like 8-10 people at a time max and that is stretching it! So to point out the obvious… why all the excess? This question is extremely embarrassing for me someone who wants desperately to get her eco friendly business off the ground. Yes you heard me Eco-friendly… isn’t that horrible coming from Miss I haveatonofcrap? In my defense most of it came about 5 years ago when my then boyfriend and I combined households. I just realized how bad of a defense that actually was because that means I have been LAZY for 5 years and never once thinned out our belongings! Maybe I should stop while I am ahead??

Ok so its out there I have been lazy 5 years (wow that’s horrible)… that being said I guess I now have to get into action so below are my steps which I will shamefully willing share with my accountability group next week.

  • Do an inventory of each room and notate all excess
  • Eliminate atleast 400 items from our home in February & document with photos so you can remember why you dont want to get back here! 
    • For basic household items like listed above eliminate any excess i.e.
      • Dishes, silverware, glasses – enough for 8 people
      • Towels – 3 sets for each bathroom
      • Linens – 3 sets of sheets for each bed
    • Get rid of all outdated or worn out clothes & shoes
  • Re-view & organize closets and living areas and eliminate any last excess

I am hoping this course of action can get us to a point where our house is filled with necessities, memories and some space for us to live clutter free!

– Jen


Popping in again!

July 19, 2010

Well, here I am again, and hoping (fingers crossed) that I won’t wait 3 months again between posts.   I did NOT make blogging regularly one of my D3 goals this time, so maybe there’s a chance!!!  Anyway, I was at Michael’s the other day and I found these kits to make little toolboxes on clearance for $2.98.   I’ve been trying to think of something to put Mary Olivia & Cooper’s art supplies in and these are perfect!  They measure about 10″x5″x2.5″.  They were super easy to put together (they were made for ages 8 & up), so they were just my speed.  Pictures are included and I will post more after I paint them!  They had a zillion of these kits at the Michael’s on Greenville, so they probably have at least as many at other Michael’s, so check them out if you are interested.  I am definitely planning to pick up more asap!

My lucky day!!!

May 22, 2010

 Today I was killing time between work and picking up the kid and on a whim I went by one of my favorite thrift stores. When I first drove up I saw tons of stuff outside – hmmm sidewalk sale?? Then I got really worried when I saw nothing on the walls, things in front, no air conditioning and what seemed to be a HUGE sale. I was scared to ask if they were leaving but thankfully they were just remodeling and resetting everything!!! Whew I was relieved!! Anyway once my panic was gone I started looking around and I found 2 yards of tulle and 1.5 yards of felt for $1 each not too bad so I started to walk towards the front and then I saw her that onc piece I have been coveting for 3 weeks now… she is an amazing king sized headboard – isn’t she awesome? I LOVE the figure 8’s


(Please ignore the mess in my garage!!) Ok so now to the cool part of the story…. I first saw her 3 weeks ago and when I asked for her price they said $40 ugh!! Can you believe that? I decided to love her from afar – just for now bc I would be waiting out he price drop of course. I was checking out and decided to ask her price again maybe it would be down to $20 I mean it had been 3 weeks so I asked and when he said “Ummm oh yeah that headboard is $5 – do you want it?” I about fainted but kept my cool paid and high tailed it home so I could call my hubby!! He didn’t quite appreciate her beauty but he is really learning bc he said “Nice… I am sure you will make it look great” LOL its no wonder i love that man 🙂

– Jen

Progress – FINALLY

May 3, 2010

So i have been slacking in my crafting and my blogging not sure whats come over me… mostly i think its my love of Law & Order and sleep but who knows lol Luckily over the weekend i was able to make SOME progress on a project that seems to be taking me forever to complete!

Remember this frame?

Well its pretty much taken residence in my “I’m working on it” pile which is covering my diningroom table… anyone else have that issue?? Oops. So i started working this weekens and i made REAL progress its not finished but really coming together.

Below is where i cut/sized the cork… yeah i am not good at a straight line right?

I can now officially say i am not the last person on earth who hasnt used chalk board paint!! YAY Below is my finished chalkboard drying (please excuse the mess all around it)

And here is a picture of the frame actually on the wall sans chalk board. I am currently finishing the chalk shelf that will go right under the lip its a painted piece of baseboard basically but my dilema comes with the rest of the empty area… yeah right there at the bottom cant miss it right? I am thinking of just adding burlap to match with no padding and then maybe adding some hooks or something? My other option is to add cork padded burlap and cover the seams on both sides with wide ribbon or some embellishment… Thoughts?!?! I am determined to fix it up bc this will NOT be a craft fail LOL

 What do you think of it so far? After i hung it last night and dragged the hubby downstairs to oogle it he said “looks good but i still say it was the ugliest frame ever”. Lucky for me i have great vision 🙂

I promise I will work on not being such a slacker in the coming weeks!!

– Jen

Out with the Old!

April 8, 2010

Alrighty, so I didn’t actually do the 27 things exercise yet, but I think I went one better and got rid of over 45 items in my closet. Yep, I should have taken a picture of the huge stack, but was in such a hurry to get it out of here, I forgot! I had no idea at the time I was doing it, but the clothing I was giving up was really the last part of my old life that I was hanging on to. You see, all the clothing items were sizes x-small, 2 or 4. In other words, too darned skinny. Almost exactly 1 year ago I could wear all of this clothing. It wasn’t that I had an eating disorder, it was more like I had a selfishness disorder & being so selfish leaves little time for eating. At the time I didn’t think this was a problem. Then I was introduced to a program called Discovery!, worked very hard to eliminate my selfishness disorder and the rest is history. Now, a year later, I am at a healthy size and have realized that I don’t need the clothes that remind me of the old me anymore. So, out with the old & in with the new!

Today is the day!

April 5, 2010

So, it would seem that my pal Jennifer is really showing me up on here, so I’ve gotta get started.  First, however, I have a confession I need to make:  “My name is Robyn, and I’m a clutter-holic!”    Clutter is kicking my butt.  If clutter and I were both baseball teams, every game we played would be a shut-out & my batting average would be a zero.  Anyway, I think you get my point.  Recently, though, I was introduced to a really cool book called “Sink Reflections” by Marla Cilley aka The FlyLady!  It’s a book about making your home into a place you want to be, but unlike most other books on the subject, this one actually makes the task seem do-able.   One activity she endorses is, on a daily basis, set a timer for 15 minutes and race around your house collecting 27 items to either toss or donate.   I plan to do this tonight when i put the kids to bed!   Another is to shine your sink every night.  She says this is a small easy thing that will give a person a great sense of accomplishment & she is right!  

Well, I guess that’s all for this moment, but I will update later on the 27 things project!



April 5, 2010

The Trendy Treehouse

Rainy Days

April 2, 2010

So its dreary in Dallas today and with the day off i had some wonderful ideas to start on but having trouble finding my inspiration!!

Thought i would post a few random things and wish everyone a wonderful Easter weekend!!

Rainbow pancakes:

The kiddo was a HUGE fan even the hubby approved 🙂

Wall art that i made for work:

Still trying to get it put up @ the office hope to get that done soon.

Thats it for today…. participating in:

The Girl Creative

The Trendy Treehouse

$20 Tuesday

March 30, 2010

Week 2 of $20 tuesday (yes i know i skipped a week i had good reason!) below are the items i was able to gather up!

Starting from the top & working down…

–          Vintage suitcase – $1.99 – 30% = $1.40

–          Chia herb garden – $3.99 – 30% = $2.79

–          2 zippers – $0.40 for both – 30% = $0.28 for both

–          2 yards burlap – $1.99/yrd – 50% = $1.99

–          16 white tiles – $0.99

–          Brown frame – $1.99 – 50% = $1.00

–          Lion frame – $1.99 – 50% = $1.00

–          Elephant frame – $1.99 – 50% = $1.00

–          Top brown frame – $0.59 – 30% = $0.41

–          Brown/White frame – $0.59 – 30% = $0.41

–          Small brown frame – $1.99 – 50% = $1.00

–          2 brown & white frames – $3.98 – 50% = $1.99


Total Items = 14

Total Cost = 14.26 + .0825% = $15.44

Wow still had money to spare… thats always nice!! Ok so lets get into some of my ideas for this junk stuff

Remember my peep coasters? Well i am using the tiles to make some more coasters for our living room and i had just the cutest napkins too (of course no photos but will post when done). They are a brown, greens and blues theme which goes really well with our room.

The Burlap is going towards my frame redo that i mentioned here and again here.  

All of the frames are being redone and being added along with the above to this blank wall under my “family” project (minus the bike of course!):

The zippers will be used for headbands for the kiddo she saw these at Kohls and thought they were so “cool” well of course i have to show her mom is cooler bc she can do it for 1/10th the cost! 🙂

The Chia Herb thing is for me and the kiddo and the vintage suitcase is AWESOME and will be my craft-or-whatever-else-i-may-need-just-so-i-can-carry-it-around caddy!

Till next time!

– Jen

Busy Weekend

March 30, 2010

I was in a crafty mood this weekend and finished up a project and started up a few others…

I made this adorable ribbon wreath for our front door:

Inspired by this project here at Embellished Bayou

I started my frame transformation… a few more coats of spraypaint and i will be on my way to another finished project:

Remember how it looked before? (see below) Not done but its looking SOOO much better!!

Also started another shower curtain ring necklace/ring project with these adorable purple roses… what do you think?

I also added a bit of spray paint to one of the roses… really like the mix of red & purple – looks a bit darker in person tho…

Here are a few others that i had already finished – want to get them in my etsy shop soon!!

What were you up to this weekend?

– Jen